Endings & New Beginnings


April 1st: my last day at the HRA office.

Nope, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke (although I can understand why so many of my coworkers didn’t believe it at first). I had told them a few days prior about my resignation, but it’s one thing to tell someone you’re finally done and a completely different thing to actually see the person packing their things little by little.

parting gifts from my coworkers

parting gifts from my coworkers

I wasn’t ready for how emotional the goodbye would be. After a little over four years, we’d developed a rapport and friendship. I was (and still am) always very quiet, but made a point to be kind to everyone I dealt with. This landed me with two “work moms” and a security guard buddy as “work dad.”
Everyone was always kind to me and they surprised me with parting gifts! I never felt so loved and appreciated in a workplace.

I’ll never forget what the job at this nonprofit has taught me:

  • Patience (oh goodness, so much!)
  • Attention to detail
  • Diffusing tense situations
  • And last but not at all least – how to connect with your colleagues and clients

Although I will miss my coworkers a great deal, this change is necessary for me to move forward.

Here goes nothing!


Let’s start the conversation…


With a few things that many of us should think about:

What other questions do you feel a person should consider before making a job change? Leave your thoughts and comments below!